DP - Induction

Lærarar: Pól Niklái Thorkildshøj
Nummar: 24
Staður: Nóatún 2, Kjallarin, Simulatorstovan
Luttakarar í mesta lagi: 8
Luttakarar í minsta lagi: 2
Kostnaður: 14.800 kr
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DP Induction/Basic

Dynamic Positioning


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Skeiðsnavn/ Name og course


DP Induction/Basic



This is the first of the two required courses within the Nautical Institute training scheme which can lead to either a Limited or an Unlimited DP Operator Certificate. This course last’s five days and contains minimum 28 hours of tuition.

This course involves both theory and practice on a simulated DP system and covers the following topics:

-          Principles of DP

-          Elements of the DP system

-          Practical operation of the DP system

-          Position reference systems

-          Environment sensors and ancillary equipment

-          Power generation and supply and propulsion

-          DP operations




The course complies with the Nautical Institute DPO Training Standard.

Skeiðslongd/Durattion of course


5 days

Luttakaratal/Number of participants



Maximum 8

Minimum 2



The minimum STCW qualification that a person wishing to enter The Nautical Institute DP Training Scheme must hold is

-          Regulation II/1 - II/2 - II/3 Deck or

-          Regulation III/1 – III /2 – III/3 Engine or

-          Regulation III/6 ETO


If you do not hold any of these certificates or are studying to get a certificate you might still be accepted on the course. Please contact Vinnuháskúlin for clarification.



Special requirements according to the Nautical Institute DPO Training Standard

Próvtøla/Evaluation form


Online theoretical test administered by Nautical Institute.



Certificate and Nautical Institute logbook upon successful completion.